Category Form Generic Name Brand Name Dosage
Anti-arthritis، Analgesic Oint Glucosamine/Devil's Claw/MSM Rahamin -
NSAID Gel Ibuprofen - 5%
Narcotic Tab Oxycodone oxidon 5 mg
Narcotic Tab Oxycodone oxidon 15 mg
NSAID Ophtalmic Drop Ketorolac Ketrofal 0.50%
NSAID Capsule Mefenamic Acid - 250mg
Analgesic Capsule Acetaminophen/Caffeine/Ibuprofen Rahafen 325mg، 40mg، 200mg
NSAID Tab Ibuprofen - 400mg
Analgesic، Musle relief Tab Tizanidine - 4mg
NSAID، Analgesic Tab Diclofenac EC Voldic 50 mg
NSAID، Analgesic Tab Diclofenac ER Voldic 100 mg
NSAID Amp Ketorolac Ketrofal 30mg/ml
Analgesic، Anti-fever Tab Acetaminophen ODT 160 mg

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