The Production Department

The production department consists of seven production lines that all seven lines are based on GMP standard. Medicine manufacturing in the process of these lines are performed on the basis of instructions prepared in advance by the quality assurance department and are controlled closely by the department personnel and the quality control unit. The department also follows some instructions on wearing overalls by the staff while entering the rooms of high sanitary conditions and those of production and solid products manufacturing so as to improve the safety of individuals as well as products quality. Raha Pharmaceutical Co. has taken great care of choosing the most advanced and up-to-date machinery. This modern technological equipment along with benefiting from various and state-of-the-art lines of production has given the company a distinct advantage in comparison with our counterparts in the field. e.g. the nasal spray line is the one that puts the company in a unique position in Iran.
The sterilized lines of injected ampules and eye drops are fully functional ones among the others in the company. Moreover, this company is the only pharmaceutical one in Iran central region that is equipped with the sterilized line of production. In addition to the mentioned lines of production, the company has some other production lines including pellets, tablets, ampules, expectorants and semi-solid products such as creams, gels and ointments. As an important point, this company has managed to establish a system called “samayesh” It’s been designed to have exact control the temperature, humidity and pressure of the manufacturing rooms and has maintained high standards of customer care. The capsule assembly line is divided into two northern and southern lines in which different kinds of capsules including pellets and non- pellets are produced. One of the unique assembly lines of Raha Co. is the line of pharmaceutical pellet that its products will be presented in near future.

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