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The commercial Department - شرکت داروسازی رها | Pharmaceutical company in Iran
The commercial Department
The Commercial Department has the responsibility for purchasing and supplying the following items which needed by the company:
1 – Raw material of products
2 – Packing Raw material for manufactured goods
3 – Procurement of Material and Laboratory apparatuses
4 – Machinery for manufacturing
5 – Machinery Spare Parts
6 – Office and Administrative Supplies
7 – Basic foodstuffs and necessities
Since the majority of the raw materials of pharmaceutical industry are not manufactured in the country, authorities of the company have been careful to provide the most qualified material according to the latest international pharmacopeias such as USP, BP and EP. The names of some foreign company’s origin countries which Raha has contracted with them are listed below in the order of purchasing volume and the monetary value of raw material successively: Germany, Italy, Spain, England, Netherlands, Japan, Switzerland, China, USA, South Korea, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium.

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Central Office:No.11, Sofeh Ind. Zone, 7th km of Shiraz Road, Isfahan, Iran P.O Box 81745-567


tel:+98 (31) 36540659


fax:+98 (31) 36540959


Tehran Sales Office: Ashrafi Esfahani South, not far from Sadeghieh Square, West Water Organization Street, beginning of Golestan I, Zumrod Building, No. 23, Second Floor, Unit 7


tel:+98 (21) 44084866 - 44084859


fax: 021-44975532

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