1.The production of high quality medicines base on GMP, GLP and GCP standards
2.The study and selection of new-branded medicines in the purpose of medical society contribution
3.Research and innovation for gaining access to pharmaceutical modern process
4.World market research due to export company’s new- branded products to different countries
5.Making the required preparations for scientific and industrial collaboration with credible universities and international pharmaceutical companies
6.Paying proper regard to the quality management rules (ISO 9001: 2008), safety and Professional health management (OHSIS 18001:2007) and ecological management (ISO: 14001:2004)
7.Perpetual training so as to increase the personnel’s technical know- how (knowledge) as the most invaluable asset
8.Importance of consumer’s right as the first priority and attracting their attention by the ideas of contribution towards the customer’s satisfaction.
9.Optimal management of company’s operations by setting an efficient management information system
10.Optimal consumption of energy sources as well as reducing the quantity of the industrial waste as an environmentally friendly company
The management and employees have committed to chase the supreme policy of company.

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