RAHA Slogan
Research, Innovation and technology in pharmaceutical industry

Our vision is to be a leading company in pharmaceutical world industry by manufacturing high quality products and lunch new formula medicines.

Our company is concern about health of society. We are trying to manufacture good products by taking advantage of accurate researches, innovation and high technology in order to increase health level of society.

Core Values
•    Observance of global rules and regulation
•    Following professional moral sense
•    Responsibility and Commitment
•    Customer Orientation

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Central Office:No.11, Sofeh Ind. Zone, 7th km of Shiraz Road, Isfahan, Iran P.O Box 81745-567


tel:+98 (31) 36540659


fax:+98 (31) 36540959


Tehran Sales Office: Ashrafi Esfahani South, not far from Sadeghieh Square, West Water Organization Street, beginning of Golestan I, Zumrod Building, No. 23, Second Floor, Unit 7


tel:+98 (21) 44084866 - 44084859


fax: 021-44975532

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