The Quality Assurance Department

One of the most important sections of a pharmaceutical company is the quality assurance department which has a supervisory role on the other departments and the production process one. In this regard, this department of Raha was the first one among the others established. The act of getting products cleared, training, documentation, calibration and validation are the most important roles within the department. The products clearance includes examining the whole production process of a product, examining all the documentary process of quality control laboratory pertaining to the product and in the end validation of the clearance sheets. In the clearance process, following the validity of sheets, the green ones are delivered to the technical expert peers, and then sent to the quarantine to be affixed to the finished products. According to the principles of GMP, in-service staff training is one of the headlines of the GMP’s charter.
In this direction, the ones are on the experts employed in the quality assurance department. In a reliable sample of pharmaceutical Co. considering the importance of supporting documents of GMP, it is only this department of Raha that is liable to provide all the necessary documentation, act of recording and in the end labeling of the products. As an inspectorate, this department closely monitors and controls the technician’s peer task unit and plays a key functional role in optimizing the use of machinery and equipment as well as handling of the affairs pertaining to the function. The department is responsible for internal inspection within the units so as to confirm the right performance of process of production and its quality that is done periodically and in the end the department is in charge of validating the equipment as well as its standardization and efficiency.

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